can you please make sure assignment is not written with the help of AI.

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can you please make sure assignment is not written with the help of AI.

For Assessment 3b you have been asked to write a self reflective assessment on your recent role play.  Below I have provided some details on how to write a self reflective assessment and an example of a well written self reflection.  The assessment asks some questions about theory and what practise you used. You can ignore these questions as you did not use a theory in your role play.  What to self reflect on : - The role play only (not what you have learned this term) - what happened? why?  - what were you thinking? feeling? - what were your strengths? your weaknesses? - why is important that you did what you did? (connect to learning eg. "i maintained good eye contact because this helps the client to know I am listening (George, 2016). - what have you learned about yourself? - what will you do differently in the future? - 3 journals are needed  an explanation on self reflection: The key to good reflective writing is to move beyond just describing what happened. You do need to do some describing, in order to provide some context for your learning, but the writing isn’t reflective if you haven’t considered why things happened and what the consequences were, and what you have learned from a particular experience.  what not to do "i forgot to do confidentiality. Then i described counselling to the client. I did this well." what to do "because i was feeling nervous, i felt rushed and wanted to move through as quickly as possible. I then forgot to speak about confidentiality. In a real counselling setting forgetting confidentiality can provide a negative experience for my client because ... etc Next time to manage my nervousness i will ....." etc  Reflective writing is a personal account.  When writing self-reflection, use personal pronouns (I, we) and concentrate on what you think about the situation.  You are contemplating your experience of the role play.   · Think about what happened in a given situation – describe what happened but also think about why things happened the way they did, what you might do differently in the future, and what you learned. · There is no right or wrong answer – it is what YOU got out of an experience · Remember the ‘so what’ factor – don’t just describe what happened but evaluate what it all means and how and why it is important for your development. · Be honest– it’s OK to admit to your successes and your mistakes. The important thing is to demonstrate that you understand why things happened and what you did or can do to improve. · Be selective– you don’t have to write about every little detail of what happened, just the key events or ideas. · Look to the future– it is vital that you consider what happened in the past and how it will have an impact on the way you think or behave in the future. ( a good example of a self reflective writing) Below is the case study I used: Elizabeth came to counseling because she was experiencing intense anger and was not coping with her life. She complained of failed relationships with her ex-husband, and with another man whom she left her husband to be with. Elizabeth cannot move on from the anger she feels about her failed relationships, and she is feeling isolated from her family and friends. This influenced her ability to cope with her work. Therefore, Elizabeth has sold her successful business. Elizabeth is a mother of two; she has a son aged 18 and a daughter aged 15. She shares custody of the children with her ex-husband, Jodi, whom the children spend a lot of time with. Jodi lives with another woman, and they are engaged to be married. The children have a close relationship with their father and get along well with his new partner. Despite the separation, Elizabeth's ex-husband is still very much a part of her life through his relationship with the children. He has retained good relationships with her family and their mutual friends, who are very sympathetic towards him, since Elizabeth ended the relationship to be with another man. Elizabeth was resentful of this sympathy and of the strong relationship that the children had with their father. Elizabeth described her ex-husband as manipulative and verbally abusive. She felt that he was not supportive of the needs or her career. She finally ended this difficult relationship by leaving Jodi to be with someone who was more supportive of her at the time. Below is the feedback given by my tutor after my roleplay introduced self and role well  clear explanation of confidentiality  more small talk, description of counseling etc needed in the first part of the role play - all this helps build connection. This was all finished under 1min 30secs there was a lot of fixing/advice giving here - do walking, doing yoga, doing breathing exercises, writing thoughts etc  in the first session - the counselor does not provide solutions. It is more about active listening, reflections, asking questions etc really getting to know the client. And maybe one practical skill introduced.  more summary of the session - what has been discussed today? what were your clients goals and have they been addressed? good use of open and closed questions
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Table of Contents
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Journal Entry 2    4
Journal Entry 3    5
Journal Entry 1
Today’s counselling role play with Elizabeth brought forward some valuable insights into my counselling approach and areas that require improvement. As I
engaged with Elizabeth, I recognized an inherent eagerness within me to swiftly guide her towards potential solutions for her challenges. This inclination to offer immediate suggestions might have risen from a genuine desire to assist her promptly. However, upon reflection, I understand that this eagerness could have impeded the organic development of rapport and trust within the session. 
Reflecting deeper on my thoughts during the role play, I noticed an underlying concern about time management. The allocated session duration loomed in my mind, investigating a sense of pressure to cover a broad spectrum of topics within a limited time frame. This pressure resulted in a slight unease, compelling me to hasten the conversation. Unfortunately, this rushed May pace might have hindered my ability to completely immerse myself in Elizabeth's narrative, leading to the potential oversight of her concerns.
Strengths emerge from the station, notably in my implementation of open-ended questions and attentive listening to Elizabeth's responses. These approaches felicitated of deeper understanding of her emotions and experiences. However, a glaring weakness surfaced as I observed my tendency to prematurely interject with advice. This tendency might have disrupted the natural flow of conversation, hindering the establishment of trust and report an integral foundation of effective counselling. Reflecting on this experience, I have garnered a crucial lesson. It is paramount to create space for clients to articulate their thoughts freely. It is effective to provide solution without hurrying. Patients in the learning moments of silence to foster reflection can be as instrumental as active engagement in the counselling sessions. Moving forward, I acknowledge the necessity to recalibrate my approach. Intend to concentrate more on active listening, delving into the depths of clients emotions and consciously resisting the impulse to offer immediate solutions. This reflection soars as appointment reminder of the significance of patients trusting the organic flow of clients narrative and allowing it to shape the nation's trajectory. These aspects are pivotal in fostering a more effective and empathetic counselling environment. Reflecting on my inner thoughts throughout the session, I became acutely aware of a persistent concern regarding the...

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