change and stress management at HIA , by Eugence Y.J.Tee and Neal M Ashkanasy

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change and stress management at HIA , by Eugence Y.J.Tee and Neal M Ashkanasy
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Melinda Henderson and Deborah Walcott were the two employees of Housing Industry
Association (HIA) which is Australia’s largest residential building organization. Melinda and
Deborah were co-workers at HIA, Brisbane. They have been working together since two
years. Melinda was employed as the secretary to the executive director and had been working
in the organization for the past two years while Deborah had been working in HIA for the
past 15 years as an office manager. Melinda was promoted as an executive support manager
y HIA’s executive director, David Guns berg. Melinda after promotion was in charge of five
staff members of HIA, Brisbane which included Deborah as the office manager.
After hearing Melinda’s promotion as an executive support manager Deborah felt offended.
She had been working in the organization from the past 15 years but never had such an
opportunity. Melinda was working in the organization from past two years only but she was
consistent in her work and she was organizing the work place very well. Melinda was a
disciplined employee who made her bosses promotes her over Deborah to a higher position.
Deborah was working in the organization from the past 15 years but was not as consistent in
her work as that of Melinda. She used to a
ive late for work and she often made excuses to
avoid work. She used to take two hour lunches and used to leave office early before close of
office hours. Deborah had a feeling of envy and jealous after hearing Melinda’s promotion.
Deborah criticized Melinda in front of her other office colleagues. She often ve
ally abused
her. She felt offended with her promotion.
These reactions were definitely justified as envy or jealousy are a part of an employee’s
ehavior in this world where competition has taken its toll and employees strive for success
in order to survive. Melinda’s nature and her dedication towards her work got her the
promotion in just two years which Deborah didn’t achieve even after working in the
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organization for 15 years as she was undisciplined and reluctant towards her work. “Jealous
people poison their own banquet and then eat it.”(http:
category-Jealousy-page-0.htm) Deborah’s inconsistency in her work place didn’t get her the
promotion as she was very moody towards her colleagues and her work. These reactions of
Deborah are definitely justified in a work place in a world full of competition.
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In order to resolve the issue with Deborah, Melinda could have taken the following steps:
She could have found the reasons of disagreement and take proper steps in order to resolve
the conflict. Each coworker should have sat down and write their insight about the matter and
then develop a strategy in order to resolve it.
If Deborah was ready to resolve the conflict then both of them should have talked to each
other face to face without losing their cool. Employees staying calm and being in a rational
state of mind resolve conflicts in a better manner.

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