Final Group Project Assignment: Agile Project Planning and Execution 40% of your grade (Group assignment) Presentation Due: December 7th, 2023 (midnightish) – 15 marks (to be emailed to me) Final Report Due: December 15th, 2023 (midnightish) – 25 marks Case Scenario: Sam is an international student in the B415 program at George Brown College. Sam has just completed week 11 of the first semester and he is not very satisfied with the overall learning experience compared to his initial expectations from the program. There are many reasons for this dissatisfaction. Sam expected to achieve a lot more value from this program than what he is getting. Being an international student, he is paying a lot of money to get the Canadian education that he hopes someday will help him get a good job. He has approached the program coordinator with some of these issues and the program coordinator has asked him to talk to some of his classmates, form a team and prepare a list of current issues along with a few potential solutions. Sam, with the help of his friends (your group), has identified three broad areas (epic/ theme) – physical infrastructure, ancillary services, and student learning experience - that the college should immediately focus on improving to enhance the overall quality of services offered to the students. The following work-in-progress list shows the actors and some of the identified activities that are involved in this overall process. Relevant Actors and Activity list: Student: • Registers for the courses • Attend classes regularly • Participate in class discussions • Complete assignments • Ask questions to clarify concepts • Apply for credit transfer (if applicable) Faculty: • Prepare curriculum and week-by-week content • Explain weekly content with students • Prepare assessments • Share assessments with student • Facilitate in-class exercises and/or discussion sessions • Check assignments • Provide feedback on learning progress Admin team: • Assign appropriate faculty for each course • Develop course schedule • Assign classroom to respective courses • Prepare classroom logistics for effective learning • Process course registration • Process credit transfer application Final Project Instructions: Part A You, as a part of Sam’s group, will be performing the following tasks. • Finalize the Activity table and sequence these activities in order for the respective actors. – 2 mark • Draw a process map (with distinct swim lanes and at least two decision points) using at least 10 steps from the activity table. These steps are still work-in-progress as mentioned and you need to complete the list with any missing activities or actors as you need. – 3 marks • Find at least one process enhancement project that can improve one (or many) of the processes/ sub-processes from the list. Identify the appropriate wastes (based on Lean’s 8 wastes) from the identified processes or activities by any of these actors. - 2 marks • Create 10 user stories for this project that relates to one of the three improvement areas in a story card format. Make sure the user stories follow the INVEST guidelines and the requirements are in a consistent and professional format. – 5 marks • Prioritize the user stories using the MoSCoW model. – 2 mark • Use an appropriate estimation technique for the story points estimation. – 1 mark User Story Card format: User Story title As a- I need- So that I can- Epic (Theme/ process) Priority (MoSCoW) Definition of Done Story points Value points BFTB* Lean’s 8 wastes impact * Bang for the Buck Part B • Based on the cumulative experience of the group, what aspects of the B415 program would you like the respective stakeholders or actors to CONTINUE (or KEEP) DOING, what new activities you want the respective actor(s) to START, STOP, DO MORE, or DO LESS. – 6 marks. Actor+ Activity Description START STOP KEEP/ CONTINUE DO MORE DO LESS Category Students Physical infrastructure Faculty members Physical infrastructure Admin team Physical infrastructure Students Ancillary Services Faculty members Ancillary Services Admin team Ancillary Services Students Learning Experience Faculty members Learning Experience Admin team Learning Experience Additional Instructions 1. Prepare a table explaining the contribution of each team member for this assignment – 2 marks Name of group members Contribution to this assignment Contribution rating (between 1 - 5)* 1. 2. … * where 1 represents very little or no contribution and 5 represents excellent contribution. 2. Record and share (a part of) your working session using Zoom, MS Teams or any other web conferencing and recording tool - 2 marks a. 10-15 minutes of your meeting with participation from all team members b. Discussing the above items – you don’t have to cover the entire assignment/deliverable in this meeting. Only a portion of it, covering the important discussions. c. Make sure the link to your recording is not restricted, and easily accessible by your instructor. If the link is not provided or accessible, the instructor will NOT follow up to ask for it. DO NOT Upload the Video onto Blackboard. 3. Email your PowerPoint deck to me by end of the day (11:59 pm) on Thursday, December 7th (15 marks – content, communication, and analysis) 4. Submit the final report along with a copy of the presentation (2 separate files in pdf format) by end of the day (11:59 pm) on Friday, December 14th. – 25 marks • There will be a work review session on Friday, December 1st. Come prepared with your questions. • 20% of the grades assigned for this assignment will be deducted for late submissions
Dec 01, 2023

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