Refer to the attached document and present the proposal in a one-page structured document

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Refer to the attached document and present the proposal in a one-page structured document

APM Take Home the CRO for biotech In the dynamic landscape of clinical trials, Vial plays a pivotal role as a Contract Research Organization (CRO) facilitating communication between biotech/pharma sponsors and clinics enrolling patients. Our primary challenge is the need to scale clinical trial automations. Streamlining the processes involved in coordinating between sponsors (pharma and biotech), Vial, and clinics enrolling patients onto the trials is essential for improved performance. This case addresses the opportunity to enhance operational efficiency through the strategic use of technology. Assignment Structure: Objective: Analyze the provided FigJam diagram outlining the current clinical trial process. Task 1: Identify 1-3 areas within this process where efficiency can be significantly improved. Provide a brief explanation for each identified area. Understanding the Current Process (FigJam Analysis) Format: Present your proposal in a one-page structured document Deadline: Submissions should be made by Tuesday, Feb 20th at 9 AM EST.Submission Guidelines: Product Ideation and MVP Development Objective: Focus on one of the previously identified areas and conceptualize a product solution. Task 2: Describe the product ideation process: Guidance: Think about feasibility, usability, and how the product fits into the existing ecosystem. EDC eSource ePRO - At Vial, an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) system is a specific software platform used for gathering, organizing, and digitally storing clinical trial data. This system improves the accuracy, speed, and integrity of data management in the organization's trials by streamlining the clinical research data collecting process. - In order to improve efficiency and data integrity, traditional paper-based techniques for the initial collection of clinical trial data are being replaced with a digital system known as "eSource." Clinical trial operations are greatly streamlined by this technology, which makes real-time data entry easier, increases compliance, and permits centralized remote monitoring. - An electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) is a component of Vial's technological platform. This platform aims to improve the efficiency of clinical trials by combining eSource, ePRO, and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) into a single linked system. Problem Statement: Clearly define the problem your product aims to solve User Personas: Identify who will benefit from this product (e.g., clinical staff, sponsors, patients) Solution Overview: Present a high-level description of your proposed product MVP (Minimum Viable Product): Outline the MVP version of your product, focusing on core functionalities that address the main issue Identify stakeholders Evaluation and Planning Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Define metrics to measure the success of your product post-implementation. Stakeholder Analysis: Identify key stakeholders involved and their interests/concerns regarding the product. Risk Assessment: Analyze potential risks or challenges in developing and deploying your product. Improvement Plans: Suggest strategies for continuous improvement and scalability of the product. Objective: Assess the potential impact and implementation plan for the proposed product. Task 3: Address the following aspects: Guidance: Consider technical, operational, financial, and regulatory factors that might impact the project.
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Answer To: Refer to the attached document and present the proposal in a one-page structured document

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Vial is Contract Research Organization that operates at intersection of biotech sponsors and clinics for patient enrolment. The primary challenge is in scaling clinical trial automations to enhance operational efficiency. The proposal outlines product ideation process that is focused on Electronic Data Capture, eSource and ePRO solutions. The challenge is to streamline coordination between sponsors, Vial and clinics for efficient clinical trial operations. Clinical staff, sponsors and patients will benefit from improved data accuracy, real-time entry, compliance and centralized monitoring (Gad et al. 2020). The propose provides integrated platform combining EDC, eSource and ePRO to create seamless and it includes...

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