I have included the questions to the attached file Document Preview: THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I NEED TO ANSWER:Analyze the possibilities of doing process capability studies and implementing...

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I have included the questions to the attached file
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THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS I NEED TO ANSWER:Analyze the possibilities of doing process capability studies and implementing statistical process control. How would you implement these?How would a sixsigma program be utilized in your area? (PLAST-BRACK) How would you utilize certified Blackbelts and Greenbelts?Read the background readings about TQM and ISO9000 and determine your recommendations for the Plasti-brack process and EMC in general.Determine a plan for implementing quality in the Plasti-brack product line.Justify your plan based on the concepts of capacity management.The following is the Income Statement from the year just completed. Gross Income COGS Gross Margin PRODUCT LINE(000s) (000s) (000s)    Fasteners $        1,0107.3% $     6464.7% $         3642.6%  Cabinet Hardware $        3,24323.5% $  1,78312.9% $      1,46010.6%  Construction Hardware $        4,16530.2% $  1,87413.6% $      2,29116.6%  Decorative Hardware $        5,38839.0% $  2,58618.7% $      2,80220.3%TOTALS $      13,806100.0% $  6,88949.9% $      6,91750.1%OPERATING EXPENSES      Marketing and Advertising   $     8506.2%  Commissions, Wages & Salaries   $  1,75012.7%  Benefits   $     7705.6%  Office Expenses   $     1751.3%  Depreciation   $     7345.3%  Insurance   $     9436.8%  Fixed Energy & Utility Expenses   $     2681.9%  Miscellaneous   $     1321.0%  TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES     $         5,62240.7%Net Income Before Taxes     $         1,2959.4%The following is the Statement of Inventories (from the Balance Sheet) for the year just ending: BeginningEndingInventories(000s)(000s)    Raw $    205 $    167    Purch Parts $    148 $    151    WIP $    389 $    322    Fin. Goods $    242 $    243TOTAL INVEN $    984 $    883 NOTES ON INVENTORIES AND MATERIAL MOVEMENTEMC does not account for inventories...

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Process capability is the performance of a process functioning under statistical process control or a process
where in variability’s are because of only system constrains like machine tolerances or natural variation but
within acceptable levels. It can also be defined as ability of a process to meet customer requirements through
its internal capability of material, machine, people and production methods. SPC control charts are used to
locate and eliminate the unnatural causes of variation. The study is completed when a state of statistical
control is reached and we can establish the natural variability of the process also known as its tolerance level.
So all causes of variability in a process, that are beyond acceptable tolerance levels are eliminated through
Process capability study.
In the present case SPC has to be established to do the process capability study. Process capability and SPC has
to be done in EMC for meeting customer requirements. The growing customer complaints further reiterate the
fact. EMC should first establish the acceptable limits for customer satisfaction for various products. Next the
sample’s at each stage of production should find the causes of variability in the product. The capability study
should first be established for plastic moulding and plasti-
ack press machine group. Once the causes of
variability leading to scrapping of these items is established then these causes should be eliminated by
checklist , material specification, staff training and machine cali
ation. The Upper and lower control limits
should be decided based on tolerance levels meeting customer requirements. It is also important to establish
the percentage of defective or products falling beyond specification limits. The control limit of 6 sigma would
mean that the product with mean deviating up to 6 times of standard deviation will also conform to product
Six sigma processes basically
ings greater predictability in the process thereby reducing waste and saving
cost. It also increase the life the product and leads to customer delight. Six sigma program can be utilized in
Plast-Brack to reduce waste of
ackets as scrap and re-work of moulds. In implementing Six sigma process we
have five steps:
1. Define the project
 Define the projects purpose and scope especially which products to target.
 Collect background information about the process especially customer need. Machine tolerances,
process flow etc.
2. Measure the cu
ent situation
 Collect baseline data on defects and possible causes.
 Plot defect over time & analyse for special causes.
 Create frequency plots and pareto analysis.
 Calculate process sigma
 Crete detailed process maps.
3. Analyse to identify causes

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