HRMT20025 – Assessment Item 1 – Assignment marking criteria Name: Student No: The essay will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria; Content: Does your essay...

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Identify and discuss the human resource management issues that a HR Manager in Sydney in 2019 would have to consider when relocating a manager from Australia to manage a subsidiary branch of an Australian multinational organisation that is located in Paris, France. Furthermore, assess the human resource management and employment relations issues that will impact on the working life of this manager in France in 2019

HRMT20025 – Assessment Item 1 – Assignment marking criteria Name:Student No: The essay will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria; Content: Does your essay demonstrate Marks Depth of knowledge and critical analysis of the topic / 12 Appropriateness of responses to the topic question / 3 Relevant and accurate literature; AT LEAST 5 academic sources such as textbooks and peer-reviewed journals. Please note websites will NOT be considered to meet this criterion. / 1 Presentation: Does your essay demonstrate Essay has clear introduction, body & conclusion. Clarity of expression/grammar and spelling / 2 Correct Referencing style / 1 Appropriate word length relevant to topic. / 1 Late Penalty Additional comments: Final mark / 20
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Human Resource Management (HRM) can be defined as the practice of effectively managing the human capital or resources of an organisation in terms of enabling the human capital to assist the businesses in achieving a stronghold of its competitive positio
ning. The main function of HRM is to optimise the performance of the employees while aligning their performance with the strategic objectives of the organisations (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2017). In addition, Human Resource managers are also entitled to cater to the demands and necessities of the employees.
This project has much potential. Sometimes, it becomes necessary for multinational companies to relocate their employees from one office to the other across two nations. However, there are many HRM issues that come with relocation. In order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the relocation, HRM is responsible to identify and discuss the issues to the employees and explain how to mitigate or eliminate such issues. With the completion of this project, one would be able to understand HRM issues and their influence on the working life of employees. This essay would also potentially enable individuals in terms of learning about the strategic decisions and objectives, which could provide significant assistance in terms of coping with such HRM issues.
There are various HRM issues when a company considers relocating one of its managers from a nation to another for business purposes. In this case, the HRM of ABC Company has decided to send a manager to Paris, France from Australia in order to manage a subsidiary branch of the organisation. In this report, such HRM issues would be identified and discussed thoroughly in order to provide a consolidated understanding of the issues. In addition, the HRM, as well as, employment decisions that may lay influence on the working like of the manager while working in France have been assessed. Furthermore, two concurrent HRM issues in the context of Paris have been assessed and recommendations have been provided to the manager in terms of coping with the issues in an efficient manner.
There are many HRM and employment relations issues that may influence the working life of the manager while relocated to France. These issues include the cultural differences evident in the context of the two countries, as well as, the language barriers. The cultural differences can mainly be evident in the form of age, gender, sexual orientation, race or social status of the employees (Collings, Scullion & Vaiman, 2015). The diversity in the cultures can be extremely crucial in the context of management. The cultural differences between Sydney and Paris could influence the hiring decisions of the managers. Along with that, in fact, the cultural diversity among the employees may produce negative results for the company if not managed correctly. It may affect employee relationships or the interpersonal styles of the employees.
For instance, in Australia, touching someone when a conversation is taking place may be considered rude whereas, in France, the same behaviour could be welcomed and expected. If a manager is not able to follow the cultural etiquettes properly, he or she may have a hard time adjusting in Paris. The cultural difference among the employees may sometimes lead to discrimination against minorities. Such occurrences can be extremely damaging for the organisations given that...

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