Global Business Plan – Life With FreedomLife With Freedom (LWF) is a Canadian based start-up vehicle custom-alternation company that specialized in converting vans, trailers, and buses into mobile...

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Only do question 1to 6 and please keep the Main Target Country Australia

Global Business Plan – Life With Freedom Life With Freedom (LWF) is a Canadian based start-up vehicle custom-alternation company that specialized in converting vans, trailers, and buses into mobile homes. Taking a van as an example, customer will bring their own van, whether it is new or used, to LWF and LWF will do the mechanical, electrical, carpentry, and all the other types of work necessary to build the van into a livable place that may contain bed, kitchen, desk, shower, toilet, and storage according to customer requirements. To get a technical taste of what LWF does, below is a list of typical service items: • Helping clients to choose a right vehicle before conversation • Designing the vehicle into a motor home • Installing fans and windows • Installing power: Solar Panels, Shore Power, and Split Charge Relay • Installing gas to fuel the heater and stove • Insulating the vehicle so that it is energy efficient and quieter • Custom making furniture that fits the vehicle • Installing running water • Installing electrical appliances such lights, fridge, plug sockets, heater, etc. With the converted vehicle, clients can carry on their daily life in the vehicle for months if not years since it provides pretty much all the functions that a typical home has for human daily life – sleeping, cooking, shower and toilet, plus working remotely. As a fresh start-up, LWF hasn’t build its website yet but below is a few websites and videos that provide more visual ideas of this vehicle conversion business. You can easily find a lot more websites from Google and videos from YouTube if you are interested. The vehicle conversation industry seems to have been picking up significantly in the past few years, possibly due the pandemic. With internet connection, more people are working from home (or mobile home) and they are aim for a great work-and-life balance by living in motor homes. The company is planning to set up operations in the US as the first step but they certainly want to expand into the rest of the world. Your team is responsible for creating an executable and profitable global business plan to help the company to realize its ambition in the next 6-12 months. Please analyze top three potential markets and pick ONE country (US and Canada are not acceptable) as your target country to enter. Register your country on the Google Sheet. Every team must have a different country. First come first served. Your plan should cover at the following points: 1. What are the top three markets (countries) make sense to enter? And why? 2. What’s the market potential (revenue, cost, profit) for those top three markets? 3. Which country did you pick as your target market to enter? 4. What are the specific business environmental issues they should consider? (including but not limit to global, cultural, political, economic, legal, ethical aspects as well as economic development level in your target country) Please articulate how these business environmental issues will affect LWF’s business expansion into the target market. 5. What entry mode(s) it should adopt? Be specific, e.g. if there is a JV parterner, specify who that partner is and why. 6. How the operations in the target countries will work? 7. An analysis on the target market’s market segmentation 8. Any product/service modification needed? 9. Any price consideration for the new target markets? 10. What is your promotion strategy in the new market? 11. What is your distribution strategy in the new market? 12. Please provide an organization chart for the new division responsible for the target market. Please provide a job description of the key roles, and only those key roles, to the business (for example, janitor may not be a key role for an online platform business). 13. Any competitors available in those markets? Please provide a compare and contrast for all the major players in the target markets. You are encouraged to use graphs, charts, tables and other ways to get your data and information organized. Your paper needs to be a workable solution supported by data, but not an imagination of how it will work. At the time of your paper submission, your team must have done all the researches rather than stating “the company will do more research to find out …”.
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Answer To: Global Business Plan – Life With FreedomLife With Freedom (LWF) is a Canadian based start-up...

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Question 1
The top three markets that make sense for entering include Australia, UK and Africa. In Au
stralia, remote jobs are mostly preferred by people and this can increase the demand for custom-alternation vehicles. It can make a good market for the company in Australia because it includes all essential items that are required for daily usage. In the UK, the demand of traveling is growing and this type of van can help people in providing a secure option for moving to remote locations (Sereikaitė and Jurgita Raišutienė, 2022). It does not only limit traveling on the busy weekends. In Africa, the culture of tourism is growing and this can be a good market for Life With Freedom to grow and find opportunities.
Question 2
The market potential for the top three markets is high for Life With Freedom. It is estimated to have the revenue of $1000000 in the first year, along with cost of $70000 and profit margin of $100000. It provides a remote and hybrid option that can provide benefits for the company for...

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