Welcome to your first writing project! For this first essay, you'll be writing a personal narrative about writing or writers that have had an impact on you. This can take many forms; you could talk...

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Welcome to your first writing project! For this first essay, you'll be writing a personal narrative about writing or writers that have had an impact on you. This can take many forms; you could talk about a particular piece that affected you (such as a specific book, movie, video game, song, etc.), a genre (sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, etc.), a medium of writing (short stories, novels, podcasts, movies, songs, TV shows, magazines, newspapers, TikTok, YouTube, etc.), or a particular author/creator. As you can see from the lists above, I am very flexible about what you are allowed to include here; anything that is a type of composition goes (I've even had people write about things like hair as a type of composition and expression). You'll satisfy the topic as long as you do the following:

1.) You must discuss at least two of the elements listed above (these can be in any combination; you just can't talk about only one thing for the whole paper).

2.) You must explain why you love these creators, genres, mediums, pieces, etc. so much. What stands out about them to you? How have they affected you as a person? As a reader/viewer/listener/player/etc.? Why are they so special, either to you specifically or on a larger scale?

Minimum Requirements:

1.) Your essay must be at least 4 pages double-spaced (meaning onto the 4th page), but there is no maximum length.

2.)You must use 12 pt. Times New Roman text.If you use a different font, I will change it to TNW, and if it no longer meets the length requirement, you will lose points.

3.) You must talk about2pieces, genres, mediums, or creators of writing that have had an impact on you.

4.) You must answer the two questions delineated above in bolded text.

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Answer To: Welcome to your first writing project! For this first essay, you'll be writing a personal narrative...

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Last Name:    1
Title: Narrative Writting
Introduction    4
Romance Novel    4
The Modern Romantic Novel    5
Conclusion    7
Work Cited    9
Since people initially started recording their encounters, becoming hopelessly
enamored has regularly showed up in writing. Romantic love has caught the consideration of incalculable ages all over the world, whether it be blissful, destined, or disastrous. Yet, the romance book is an extremely late creation. There is something else to a romance novel besides just a story of two individuals tracking down adoration. It has a place with an especially unmistakable genre of writing. Few out of every odd account including a pony and a farm qualifies as a Western, few out of every odd secret including a homicide qualifies as a romance novel, and few out of every odd story with a romantic tale does.
Romance Novel
It tends to be trying to separate a genuine romance novel separated from a book that likewise has a romantic tale since the two genres of writing tell the story of two individuals experiencing passionate feelings for against the setting of other action. Which part of the story is underscored has an effect. The fundamental plot of a romance novel is the development of a man and lady's relationship. Albeit huge, the other storyline occasions are subordinate to this association. The rest of the book would lose such a great deal its worth and peruser interest in the event that the romantic tale were to be killed, making it basically a non-story (Christian-Smith).
Conversely, the adoration story isn't the essential worry in that frame of mind of writing that have romantic hints. Regardless of whether the romantic tale were to be discarded, the novel would in any case work nearly also since the other activity makes the biggest difference. Regardless of whether it probably won't be as engaging, the story would in any case be finished. We should envision that you are making a story about a lady who is being sought after by malicious men and goes gaga for the guardian who is keeping her safe. Contingent upon anything that parts of the story are featured. The novel is general fiction in the event that the pursuit, what the miscreants are truly doing, and why they are pursuing the fundamental person are the central issues of the account. A romance novel is one in which the couple's mysterious romance is the essential plot gadget.
The Modern Romantic Novel
Regardless of the way that adoration and enthusiasm have for quite some time been topics in writing, the romance novel as far as we might be concerned today previously showed up in Britain around the start of the 20th...

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