You are asked to participate in your current (or previous) organization’s HR team meeting and help them in their HR strategy work. HR team is especially interested to hear about current themes of the...

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You are asked to participate in your current (or previous) organization’s HR team meeting and help them in their HR strategy work. HR team is especially interested to hear about current themes of the field and ask you to write a report to summarize the key findings relevant to your organization. Based on the learning materials in Module 4 write a report where you: • Discuss at least two themes that you find important to bring up to the HR team. • Explain, what these themes are (based on literature), why these themes are important for your organization and evaluate, what kind of implications they should have for your own organization and its HR management. Reporting guidelines: • Study learning materials in Module 4: they cover some of the current themes in HR-field. • Write 5-6 pages report (+cover page + table of content + references page) to answer the questions above. Use the report template (in the course page, Module 4) • Use at least 5 literature references to support your argumentation o can be those used in the course or the ones you found yourself. See also “article bank” on course page / Module 4. o Please pay attention to the quality of references, ie. se peer-reviewed articles, books etc. not Wikipedia, webpages etc. o See reporting guidelines for correct use of references (in course page / Module 4). It is assumed that you use references in a correct manner. o Please note that assignments might go through a plagiarism check (Urkund). Write your own text, do not copy paste from anywhere (including your writings for other courses without mentioning it). • Write in a way that your report and argumentation can be followed by a person not familiar with the topic. Explain for example all (theoretical) concepts / models you use. • Please do not mention any company / organization name in your report. • Evaluation criteria: clarity and consistency of the reporting and argumentation, analytical thinking, use and definitions of theoretical concepts / models, ability to link theory to practice, ability to use of references to support argumentation, the quality of references and the correct reference style. • Grading: 1-5, 40 % of the final grade.
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HR Themes
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Table of Contents
Introduction    3
Themes in HR management    3
Importance of themes    4
The implication in organization and HR management    4
Conclusion    6
Reference list    7
The concept of human resource management mainly refers to the coherent and strategic approach of efficient and e
ffective management of the people in an organization which could help the businesses in gaining a competitive advantage in the market. The main aim behind this is to maximize the performance of the employees and motivate them in achieving the goals of the organization. The main aim of the following assignment is to describe the two themes which are more prevalent in the field of HR management. Moreover, the importance of these two themes is also described below along with the implications that these themes have on the organizations by relating them to theories.
Themes in HR management
Various themes are currently available in the literature and talent management and technological development are two of the major themes in this regard.
Technological development
Technological development has a strong and positive relationship with the HRM. It is because, without technology, HRM is not complete. For case, technology has allowed the people to complete a range of technical and non-technical tasks more effectively and properly. Technology has arrived as a major theme in the field of Human resource management. Technology impacts the communication and connection between the HR team and the employees. This enables the teams in storing files regarding the employees effectively which enables them in effectively evaluating the performance of the employees. In the same way, it can be said that, technology is play fundamental role in the HRM and allows organizational people to communicate with each other properly (Dahlbom et al 2020, 126). Recently the available literature has identified that human resource management policies should be focused on having a good impact on the society and environment. Thus, it becomes highly required that the HR team should be focused on having no harm to the environment. Technological development can be very useful for organizations doing so. Moreover, it can enable organizations to effectively track the performance of the employees and make strategies for improvement. Automation can also be achieved through this by the HR team. Along with this, technological development in the field of HRM had allowed the companies to work more smoothly and fatly and gain competitive scope/advantages over competitors.
Talent management
The second important theme could bring efficiency into HR management. Thus, the HR teams effectively emphasize this aspect which mainly refers to bringing more efficiency in the workforce differentiation. Moreover, this theme highly emphasizes the formalization of the approaches for ensuring segmentation in the workforce (Stahl et al 2020, 8). This segmentation is mainly done by the analysis of the competency of the employees. Moreover, it has been also argued by the theme that through effective talent management the HR team can create more value beyond and within the firm. However, one thing that should be considered by the HR team in this regard is that the talent management programs are aligned with the CSR programs within the organization.
Importance of...

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