Answers need to present in the point form, include 100 to 200 words for each question. Your answer must contain at least 1 scholar reference. Tutorial 06 1. You recently started a job as e-commerce...

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Answers need to present in the point form, include 100 to 200 words for each question. Answer must contain at least 1 scholar reference.

Answers need to present in the point form, include 100 to 200 words for each question. Your answer must contain at least 1 scholar reference. Tutorial 06 1. You recently started a job as e-commerce manager for a bank. Produce a checklist of all the different legal and ethical issues that you need to check for compliance on the existing website of the bank. 2. How should the e-commerce manager monitor and respond to technological innovation? Tutorial 07 1. What are the key characteristics of a digital business strategy model? 2. Evaluate the range of restructuring options for an existing ‘bricks-and-mortar’ organization to move to ‘bricks-and-clicks’ or ‘clicks-only’ contributing a higher online revenue. Tutorial 08 1. Outline the two main methods by which companies purchase supplies and the two broad divisions of supplies needed. 2. What are the organizational implications of introducing e-procurement? Tutorial 09 1. Outline the stages in a strategic e-marketing planning process, for each stage noting two aspects that are of particular importance for digital marketing. 2. Summaries new opportunities to vary the marketing mix that arise through deploying the Internet. Tutorial 10 – HC3152. 1. Explain a range of techniques for attracting repeat visits to a website. 2. Evaluate the current communications mix for an online e-tailer and make recommendations for future communications to achieve customer acquisition and retention.
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Answer To: Answers need to present in the point form, include 100 to 200 words for each question. Your answer...

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Tutorial 06
Answer to Question 1

· The legal issues of e-commerce for the regulation of the websites of the bank is numerous
· First, Checking of the technical standards in case of any fraud or corruption in bank
· Secondly, the legal issues, which should be checked that documents of the customers, are protected with cyber security
· Being an ecommerce manager the motto is to see that the transmission of money and bank credentials are done with security protection
· Fourth, customers are provided with ecommerce facilities, ability to make purchases from merchants using credit or debit card (Garin-Munoz et al. 2019).
· The ethical issues, which will there in the checklist of the bank, are security
· The important documents and the money are safely secured in the accounts
· There should have been the scope of the non-reputability of the transactions in the bank
· The transaction, which should be made in the bank, would be fully secured wt transaction security (Kidane & Sharma, 2016)
· There should have been privacy in the ecommerce transactions and facilities
Answer to Question 2
· The ecommerce manager should have responded to the technical innovation in varied ways
· First, the ecommerce manager should respond by personalised experience of his customers
· Personalisation can help in reaching the audience on any banking device through multiple touch points
· Personalisation helps in making a better seamless customer experience
· The best example of technical innovation like personalisation is monitored through "contextual marketing” in bank
· Ecommerce manager respond to the technical innovation with help of the
“Voice searches” (Marchal & Szyller, 2019)
· These voice activated devices can help the customers to make a smooth transaction in online (Tsagkias et al. 2020)
· These voice searches facilities has been monitored by the ecommerce managers through digital assistants like Alexa
· The ecommerce manager also respond to e commerce issues with the help of IoT
· The IoT has been monitored by the ecommerce manager with the help of the sensors
· The technical innovation has been responded by the ecommerce managers with Big Data
Tutorial 07
Answer to Question 1
· Digital business service model deals with the services, which are new to the market
· The key characteristics of this model are various.
· First, it helps in creation of a unique value to the customers, which can be highly monetised
· Second, it use power for making transactions of both online and the offline
· Third, it helps in making of the consistency and the continuity through all the channels of operation (Xu & Koivumäki, 2019)
· Fourth, Digital business service model led to the redefining of the regulation of the operations
· Fifth, it helps in the business model monetisation, which can regulate the management work (Streuer et al. 2019)
· Sixth, the Digital business model combines the IT leadership and its integration with units of business management
· Seventh, it helps to strengthening of the corporate assets
· Digital business model leads to enhancing of the internet connectivity
· Digital business helps in dealing with the internal and external environments of organisations
Answer to Question 2
· There has been range of restructuring options, which has been used for the moves
· First, to move to “bricks and clicks” “bricks and mortar” organisations should give good suggestion for production
· Second, “bricks and mortar” organisation should check that services provided by “bricks and clicks” can be excellent
· Third, purchasing of the newest and unique products, which can make lifestyle much more easier
· Fourth, from...

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