Case StudyScope SpaceYou work at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team of five (5) staff members. Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Office...

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Case Study

Scope Space

You work at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team of five (5) staff members. Administrative Assistant, Office Assistant, Data Entry Clerk, Office Administrator, and Receptionist.

Katie is the company's newest employee. She has worked as Receptionist at Scope Space for four months and seems to be a good fit with a bright and bubbly disposition.

As a part of Katie's role, she needs to create new client accounts from information she receives from the marketing team. This is a templated document that must be completed with the new client's basic information and then saved into the internal Data Management System using the

A naming convention is a common set of rules or guidelines to apply to the naming of electronic records.

Please see the attached process here:

Naming Covention Records Management Process

Download Naming Covention Records Management Process

A few of the administration team have complained that Katie has been misnaming documents and it has taken them too long to find the required files when needed.

This situation is causing staff members to waste their time looking for files and even creating multiple files as they cannot find the most current document to use. There is a process for the naming conventions which doesn't seem to assist Katie with this problem.

As the Administration Manager, you would like to guide your team to find their own resolve as they are the team members that use this system on a daily basis.

You also need to develop your staff to use their own critical thinking skills and bring you solutions for any issues that arise as you cannot be available to sort out every small problem your team faces

5. Team Communication

Scope Space

After analysing Katie's information from the knowledge gap analysis, you have discovered that Katie has only received brief formal training when it comes to the naming conventions of files and she feels she is filing everything correctly.

Katie has discussed with you that even though she has been with the company for only four months, she has had similar roles and feels comfortable with Scope Space process

You decide to give the same survey to your remaining employees in the Administration department to check their perception on the filing system.

You feel that collecting feedback and consulting with the team would be the best way to find a solution to the problem.

As the Administration Manager you need to write an email to ask team members for feedback on the current Scope Space Naming Convention Process and Katie's ability to name files correctly.

You need to word this email in a manner to gain your employees trust that their responses will be treated with privacy & respect.

Please complete the attached email template and upload for grading:

BSBCRT511 Task 5 Email Template

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Answer To: Case StudyScope SpaceYou work at Scope Space as an Administrative Manager and you lead a team...

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BSBCRT511 Develop Critical Thinking in Others
Task 5 – Email Template
    To: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
    Subject: Use of creative thinking for the development of opportunities with suitable filing system and naming convention
    Date: 29/11/2022
    Dear Team
In the workplace, critical thinking is the important part to be developed. The company is organizing some activities that will help employee in developing critical thinking that will help employees in taking their own decision for small problems. Critical thinking in the workplace will help employees in creating better problem solving skills and reduce costly errors. It will also help in connecting ideas with other employees and top management of the company for making better decisions. It is important to improve communication skills that will help in articulating the position and making better engagement in discussion and making better contribution towards the work. Along with the...

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