First step-The theme of the 20th issueis​ Corporate SocialResponsibility: The Environment Impact of Project Management.Need 4 different expert in Project management and who has the PMP. I am of the...

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First step-The theme of the 20th issue


​ Corporate Social

Responsibility: The Environment Impact of Project Management.

Need 4 different expert in Project management and who has the PMP. I am of the strong opinion that an article from

you will be an exceptional contribution to this edition.

Please see a link to previous editions to have an idea of the final output:​

The magazine theme is

Corporate Social

Responsibility: The Environment Impact of Project Management.

Upon agreement to be an author in the upcoming edition, I would be needing the following;

1. Your proposed article topic and


. (I will have to submit this to the chair for approval)

2. A signed consent form

3. A current professional photo

Step one is due this

Sunday 9-10-23 (1-3 above)


Second step- please the attached articles from the previous course. You (all 4 authors) will need to create 4 articles with the references, pictures. Don't forget to check out the magazine to have a more clear picture of it. See the attachment from the final concept brief wk 15, article authors from MK EDIT AND DRAFT COMPLETED ARTICLE PLUS THE LINK OF THE MAGAZINE I HAVE ATTACHED ABOVED.

4. A 3-4 pages article on the approved article topic (Topic will be within the scope of the theme)

Step 2 will be due on 9-12-23.

Please please please through writing the step 1&2, tell the 4 authors to pay attention to the grammar, formatting, clarity and fonts, double space. Make it look more professional works like I attached please.

GROWING THE FUTURE, LEADING THE WORLD Photograph, Interview and Article Consent and Release Form I hereby give Morgan State University (MSU) permission to use the photograph(s) of me and/or my business/organization, articles and interviews derived from one on one conversations in the MSU Project Management program magazine and other MSU Project Management program magazine promotional and educational materials. I also acknowledge that all of the content submitted has been approved for use by my organization (if appropriate). I understand that the photograph(s) will be credited to the MSU Project Management program for all journalistic purposes. Further, I hereby acknowledge that MSU has final editing rights and approval on article submissions that will be placed in the published magazine. _________________________________________________ Print - Name of Person or Persons in Photographs _________________________________________________ Print - Name of Person Submitting Photographs and/or Articles _________________________________________________ Daytime Telephone _________________________________________________ Signature of Author Submitting Photographs and Articles ______________________________ Date Concept Brief DRAFT Morgan State University PM Magazine Fall 2023 Magazine Theme Corporate Social Responsibility: The Environmental Impact of Project Management Description: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is vital when it comes to organizational reputation. Companies must pay careful attention to their impact on the communities in which they operate. Consequently, there are various project management areas that can contribute to, or hinder, Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Astute project managers must be able to leverage their experience and expertise to support companies with sustainability measures to improve their environmental impact. This magazine focuses on how professionals utilize communication, resource, procurement, and scope management to ensure that projects are aligned with Corporate Social Responsibility goals and objectives. Using budget management, scope management, and other project management tools effectively help ensure that projects deliver quality results that are fiscally advantageous to organizations served. In the articles provided below, we will focus on quality management, strategies involved in responsible sourcing and procurement, and cost management within business. This magazine will also include how organizational culture impacts Corporate Social Responsibility, how to improve organizational reputation via effective cost and stakeholder management, and how to manage and avoid unnecessary cost overrun while improving sustainability efforts. Proposed and Potential Articles No. Title Author Contributor 1 So, What Is Corporate Social Responsibility? Abstract: Defining CSR in the context of scope, schedule, and cost management. Teri Maury Teri Maury 2 TBD- Michel Lette Michel Lette 3 Effectiveness of Recycling Programs at Work Abstract: Evaluation and analysis of recycling program(s) and their participation numbers in the workplace. DeAndrea Martinez Teri Maury 4 TBD Abstract: Bobthem Thompson Edirin Ojo Dr. Donald Buresh Michel Lette 5 Wait, Don’t Print That Email Abstract: Examining the cost impact to organizations when comparing hard-copy printing versus accessing digital documents. Analysis of the pros and cons of a digital environment in the workplace. Karen Sentementes Teri Maury 6 TBD Michel Lette Tyson, Beale Michel Lette 7 Abstract: Stakeholder and cost management in the landscape of sustainability efforts. Joseph Hayden Teri Maury 8 TBD Abstract: TBD Tochukwu Mcdonald Dr. Wing, Ziping Ryan Doran Michel Lette 9 TBD Dr. Monica Kay Dr. Monica Kay 10 TITLE TBD* PMI Board Member Michel Lette *Denotes potential contribution Project Team Members Role Team Member Name Project Manager Shanterika (Teri) Maury Deputy Project Manager Michel Lette Writer(s) Teri Maury, Michel Lette Editor in Chief Michel Lette Content Manager/Liaison Teri Maury Advertisement Liaison Michel Lette Photographer(s) Michel Lette, Teri Msaury, TBD Concept Brief DRAFT Morgan State University PM Magazine Spring 2020 Week 15 Magazine Theme Diversity & Inclusion in Project Management Description: When one thinks of Diversity & Inclusion, what comes to mind? Is it just focusing on balancing out the gender gaps in an organization? Is it merely attracting different races within a company? Having a diverse workforce has led companies to grow financially, as well as culturally. A Forbes article, based on a study by McKinsey Diversity Matters Report, asserts that a diverse management team has a 19% higher innovation revenue (Powers, 2018). The next question is, how exactly does this pertain to project management? In this magazine, we intend to explore how Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is changing the world of Project Management. We will explore how D&I is allowing for growth in PM and affecting projects with different results. We intend to have our contributors to offer a vast array of concepts including leadership, diverse teams, cultural differences, and gender inequality. As students at a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), in the future we will represent those diverse professionals that will be making our way into the field of Project Management. Proposed and Potential Articles No. Title Author Contributor 1 Bridging Generational Differences in Diverse Project Teams Abstract: This article will focus on the disconnect between both the older and younger generations of coworkers in the present society and workforce. Educating the older generation comes with ushering in a new era and “teaching an old dog new tricks” to accomplish the same work-related deliverables. On the other hand, educating the next generation comes with humility through learning and the ability to accept the advice and help from a more seasoned and experienced source. Keith Foxx Brandon Ashworth 2 All Men Are Created Equal: But Where Does That Leave the Women? Abstract: For centuries in the U.S., the American public has struggled with equal pay, equal rights, and equal opportunities surrounding gender. The Armed Forces have not been excluded from the battle for amended legislation. The awareness and resolve needed continues to propel the conversation about gender inequality as it evolves in the decade 2020. This article will explore distinctive ways the Army’s combat branches and combat fitness test projects are leading change in policy with women who serve. Willie Rodney Breana Wooten 3 Diversity of Thought: The Future of Project Management Abstract: In diverse workplaces, diversity intelligence is critical to success. Diversity Intelligence (DI), combined with strategic leadership and effective communication practices result in high-performing teams and improve overall project success. Marcus Parker Brina Bolden 4 Diversity in Actions: Project Management and Risk-Based Decisions During a Global Pandemic Abstract: The United States and other countries around the world are fighting a global pandemic known as Coronavirus or COVID-19. This article will discuss how Risk and Issue Management, and Stakeholder and Communication Management is used to help fight this virus Dr. Monica Kay, PMP Brina Bolden 5 The Secrets for Effective Multi-Generational Team Leadership Abstract: This article will focus on the different leadership styles that are required to lead a diverse team that have different age gaps. Most project teams range in different age groups and everybody is used to doing things certain ways. But learning how to motivate each member and as a team can help with the success or failure of a project team Hernan Guadalupe Tarnisha Bailey 6 Uniting Diverse Stakeholders in Transit Hub Design Abstract: The reader will travel through the project manager's experience in the design of recladding a major transit facility in an urban mixed-use community. His recital will channel you through design coordination & construction processes involved to complete the project, and how stakeholder participation influenced end-product delivery within fiscal parameters and time constraints. In conclusion the article highlights decisions made by a government entity to minimize the impact to public transit patrons. Melvin Pierce Ebony Quinones 7 Language Matters: Tips for Artful Project Management in the Global Marketplace Abstract: It is said that 90% of the project manager’s time is spent on communication and communication is only effective when the translated message is understood or decoded just the way the sender wants it to be heard. Accents sometimes are barriers to translating such messages, the onus lies on the project manager to understand these barriers to effectively communicate the project’s objective to the team. This article will explore explore nuggets to enhance communication in the project team, thus increasing project success rate on time. Dr. Pandey Anita Miriam Hagan 8 Standard Operating Procedures and Companies: Accommodating People and their Practice Abstract: The focus of this article is on the diversity that exists in the global marketplace. With the increasing organizational presence in multiple countries, should companies have fixed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) across all countries, or should they tailor their SOPs to the work ethics practiced in those countries? This article delves into possible solutions to effectively execute projects in a culturally diverse environment. Dr. Saifuddin Samina Miriam Hagan 9 Building Diversity Through Group Motivation Abstract: Having workplace diversity is the right business decision, especially for organizations that want to grow and increase their profit and productivity. According to the (2015 McKinsey) report, many organizations that promote ethnic and racial diversity are more likely to enjoy financial returns. Diverse teams have many benefits; for instance, they process facts and digest information faster and carefully make the best decisions. Also, diverse teams are more innovative and smarter. To get more of a diverse team, organizations, especially team managers, must learn how to motivate them. Temidayo Ogundiran Mohammed Umoru 10 Group Dynamics of a Diverse Project Team: A Conversation among MSU Students Abstract: This is a Q&A with a form project management student about the challenges he faces as a project manager at Morgan. Daniel N. Janak Chinedu Nwokeafor Kehinde Ajayi Miriam Hagan 11 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: The Perks of Leading and Advancing a Multifarious Team Abstract: Diversity should be promoted among project team members because it drives creativity and innovation. Establishing or creating a diverse team should be one of but not the primary goal for any organization, the ability to successfully lead this team of diverse people throughout the cause of any project from initiation to closing should be paramount for any organization. Leading a diverse project team encompasses much more than hiring people based on different skin color to work together on a project within an organization. It also entails learning to recognize, accept, and appreciate differences in race, culture, religion, social class, sexuality, ability, and gender by accepting everyone for who they are regardless of their multiple social identities. Taiwo Adenuga Kehinde Ajayi ** The order and title of the articles are subject to change. Project Team Members Role Team Member Name Project Manager Tarnisha Bailey Scheduler Ebony Quinones Editor & Assistant Editor Brina Bolden & Breana Wooten Knowledge Manager Miriam Hagan Advertising Manager Kehinde Ajayi Status Manager Mohammed Umoru Photographer Chinedu Nwokeafor Project Plan Manager Brandon Ashworth Communication Manager Ebony Quinones Sources: Powers, A. (2018, June 27). A Study Finds That Diverse Companies Produce 19% More Revenue. Retrieved from PROJ 690.H85 – SPRING 2020 1 4/30/2020 Article Name Dr. Monica N. Kay, PMP Adjunct Professor Morgan State University Diversity of Actions: Project Management and Risk Based Decisions During a Global Pandemic Borders closed. Airlines grounded. Public and private schools releasing students. Universities ceasing physical operations and moving to an online environment. State and local governments instituting social distancing and quarantine measures. News reports with public officials constantly reiterating safety measures that you and your family should take to respond to a global threat. Is it War? No, but it is a stressful condition that has caused extreme measures to be taken by all people of the world. At the time of this writing the United States, as well as other countries around the world, are in the midst of a global pandemic known as the novel Coronavirus 19 or, as it has been commonly referred to, COVID-19 (Maryland Department of Health, 2020). Where does project management fit into all of this you ask? Project management fits in everywhere and in every action that must be undertaken by leaders and its citizens to respond to the disease and to provide healthcare solutions. At the forefront is the management of risks and issues, as well as stakeholder communications which lead the way as the key areas impacted by this situation, with the other project management knowledge areas falling closely behind. By leaning heavily on the tools and techniques used within all of these key steps, this represents the diversity of actions at the federal, state, and local levels as well as actions taken by a country's government to quell the rising tide of infection among their people. When in the state of an emergency, such as the one declared for the pandemic in the United States, our world’s leaders had a limited window to react and respond to curb adverse reactions that were experienced across all borders. This is a case study meant to compare the best practices and lessons learned from a risk and issue, stakeholder and communication aspect, as well as provide diversity in a different framework, based not just on race, gender, or class, but through diversity of action in response to a worldwide crisis. Let us take a look at the diversity of action in response to COVID-19 by the United States and other countries in implementing their risk and issue management. Risk and Issue Management It all starts with risks and the determination of what a country will do in taking an initial action and what it is willing to forgo when it has advanced warnings. Consider the diversity of action taken via risk mitigation strategies. In the examples below, listed at the time of writing, you can clearly see which countries took a more adverse risk approach versus a lessened risk approach and the ramifications on its citizens. Diversity of Risk and Issue Actions: ● China – Recognizing they have a significant health crisis on their hands, the Chinese government commences building a 1,000-bed hospital in 10 days; alleviating huge pressures to house and care
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