MAN400 Page 1 of 3 Introduction to Project Management Individual Assignment 1 - MS Project Schedule (20%) In the current job market connections are very important and it can be very difficult for a...

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MAN400 Page 1 of 3 Introduction to Project Management Individual Assignment 1 - MS Project Schedule (20%) In the current job market connections are very important and it can be very difficult for a recent graduate to forge there critical relationships. Seneca college has hired professional project manager (you) to plan a networking event which can provide recent HRM (Human Resources Management) grads with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with various organizations with sizeable HR departments and to make useful connections with established HR professionals. The represented organizations are in turn provided with an opportunity to become acquitted with new talent on the market for potential recruitment possibilities. This event will consist of two parts. In the first part participating organizations will have booths set up around the room; they will provide promotional materials/items, etc. At this time contact information maybe exchanged, however this event will exclude resume collection/official applications. Following the information session, a nearby room will open for more casual interaction and conversation (appetizers and refreshments will be provided). Your customer Seneca College has approved the scope of work as depicted in the WBS. Now it’s time to build a detailed project schedule to determine how long it will take to plan the networking event. Please use MS Project. 1. Create the structure of your schedule in MS Project using the WBS provided. 2. Add the duration estimates for each of deliverables using the WBS provided. 3. Identify the predecessors using the WBS provided 4. Identify milestones. They signify the completion of a major deliverable. In determining your milestones, think about the work you have accomplished and would like to communicate the results to major stakeholders. 5. Each task should be assigned a resource: Assigning resources helps us to ensure we have clear roles and responsibilities on our project. This is critical in getting work done. Assume you have a team of at least 5 people. Create a resource sheet using roles as names (Sr. Analyst, Jr. Event Planner, etc.), determine their capacity for the project (availability), assume a reasonable hourly rate and assign these people to all the activities in the schedule. 6. Identify the project’s critical path (use the software’s functionality to identify the series of activities that determine the project’s completion date). 7. Add Project task to the schedule to show entire project duration on the Gantt Chart. Assignment Instructions: 1. This is an individual assignment. The Rubric is included on the last page of this document. 2. Ensure that your name is included in the file name (First Name_Last Name.mpp) 3. Upload your .mpp file in Blackboard > Individual Assignments > Individual MS Project Schedule Assignment 4. Multiple attempts, up to three attempts to upload are allowed before the deadline. 5. If you are making more than one attempt, please remember that I will only grade your last attempt. MAN400 Page 2 of 3 HR Networking Event Activity Task Predecessors Duration (in days) 1 Advertising campaign 1.1 Compile Information None 1 1.2 Design Materials 1.1 10 1.3 Distribute Flyers 1.2 5 1.4 Post on social media 1.2 2 2 Information Session 2.1 Venue 2.1.1 Research Venues None 7 2.1.2 Visit Venues 2.1.1 6 2.1.3 Select Venue 2.1.2 2 2.1.4 Secure Venue 2.1.3 2 2.1.5 Rent Equipment 2.1.4 1 2.2 Participating Companies 2.2.1 Research Companies None 5 2.2.2 Communicate the Opportunity 2.2.1 5 2.2.3 Register Companies/Collect Fees 2.2.2 10 2.3 HR Grads/Participants 2.3.1 Send event details to program coordinators 2.1.4 2 2.3.2 Arrange Class Visits 2.3.1 4 2.3.3 Attend Classes 2.3.2 5 2.3.4 Register Attendees 2.3.3 15 3 Cocktail Hour 3.1 Catering 3.1.1 Research Caterers None 7 3.1.2 Arrange & Attend Tasting 3.1.1 3 3.1.3 Select & Hire Caterer 3.1.2 3 3.1.4 Finalize menu selection 3.1.3 2 3.2 Volunteers 3.2.1 Select Volunteers 2.3.4 3 3.2.2 Train Volunteers 3.2.1 4 MAN400 Page 3 of 3 Grading Rubric: Total mark out of 15: Criterion Levels Achieved Grading 1-3 1 point 2 points 3 points TOTAL 1. Structural consistency with the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Schedule is not consistent with the WBS Schedule is somewhat consistent with the WBS Schedule is completely consistent with the WBS 3 2. Activity durations (Estimating). Few durations were estimated. Task mode was not identified for most tasks. Some durations were estimated. Task mode was identified for some tasks. Most/all durations were estimated. Task mode was identified for all/most tasks. 3 3. Milestones No/few milestones provided or milestones were incorrect. Some milestones provided with logical dates. Most/all milestones provided with logical dates 3 4. Dependencies (Predecessor relationships) No/few logical dependencies created. Critical path was not identified. Some logical dependencies created. Critical path identified. Most/all logical dependencies created. Critical path identified. 3 5. Resources Resource pool was not created. Most/all tasks do not have resource assignments. Resource pool is incomplete. Some tasks have a resource assignment. Resource pool is complete (5 or more people were correctly added to the pool) and all tasks have a resource assignment. 3 By submitting this assignment, I affirm that I have not given or received any unauthorized help and that all work submitted is my own. I have abided by Seneca’s Academic Integrity Policy and I understand that any violation of academic integrity will be subject to the penalties outlined in the policy.
Jul 23, 2022

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