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Effective business communication
Table of content
Introduction    3
Section one: Importance of weekly concepts    3
Section two: Literature review    5
Section three: Application of two concepts for future career aspirations    6
Conclusion    8
References    9
The need to communicate effectively in this dynamic environment is increasing day by day. Business communication generally refers to the exchange of view, ideas, opinions and information from o
ne person to another within an organisation (Guffey & Loewy, 2015).  Therefore, it becomes important to create effectiveness in communication. The communication in any business entity can be done in various forms like top to bottom and bottom to top, horizontal, diagonal, informal etc.
The present essay focuses on the self reflection of a variety of models and concepts of effective business communication. This ten week learning curriculum is very helpful for me to attaining the future goals.
The essay is divided into three sections. The first one includes the learning and significance of the study of every week. The second section describes the literature review of one of the concepts f effective business communication.
The last section of this essay emphasizes on the two concepts which can be beneficial for future career.
Section one: Importance of weekly concepts
Week one: The first week of this study curriculum focused on the basics and introductory part of communication. The overview includes definition, purpose, models etc. of communication. The communication is the exchange or sharing of thoughts, ideas and vies from one person to another. The first week study proved very beneficial for me as I got to learn about the ethical and professional communication. Implication of these theoretical concepts to the practical life is increasing my communication competency. Knowledge of these theories and models helps increasing the competency in real practice world. The application of communication models and theories increase the competitiveness in the organisation (Brown, 2015).
Week two: In this week I learned about the expectancy violation theory and different forms of communication. The main forms are verbal and non verbal communication. In an organisation, non verbal communication plays a vital role. It includes various forms like body language, gestures, facial expression etc. The study of this week helped me to understand these concepts along with, helped me to understand expectancy violation theory. The theory states the unexpected behavior of any individual in the process of communication.
Week three: At any workplace, the more emphasis is given on the written form of communication (Tran, 2016). According to the physical evidence and convenience of the reader this form of communication is more preferable. In the context of my work, this study proved very much significant for me. I learned about drafting of curriculum vitae, employment letters, reports, newsletters etc. After completion of my studies and when I will enter in the corporate work style I will use these written drafts. I got the thorough knowledge about proper structure and formatting also.
Week four: In the fourth week the focus is on the importance and purpose of academic writing. The knowledge of academic writing will help in my examinations attaining good grades. The writing is the only criteria to allocate marks. Therefore it is very important for me to write in a best possible manner so that the marker can understand my words easily. Writing often clarifies words and actions which an individual is not able to understand (Pearson, 2017).
Week five: Week five study was quite lengthy as well as more significant for my career. The most critical concept, literature review has been studied in this week. Literature reviews shows the reader about your in-depth knowledge of the particular topic. Rather than this the lecture was also regarding the approaches of public speaking and the communication apprehension. Public speaking is the most significant form of verbal communication. Public speaking helps people to make connections, to motivate and influence people. The study helped me to overcome my fear of speaking in front of the crowd. Further it improved my vocabulary and self-confidence. Communication apprehension is the fear of an individual to communicate. I got to know about the solutions to overcome this anxiety and felt a sense of confidence.
Week six: The sixth week of this study program solely focused on intercultural communication. When the communicators belong from different cultures and backgrounds the...

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